Getting Past Amazon Restrictions by Our Journey 2 Freedom

Getting Past Amazon Restrictions

The Amazon marketplace is not a free-for-all. Discover how gated categories work, the process for getting approved to sell in them, and over 100 auto ungating ASINs to get you started.

Stop Being Frustrated with Amazon Restrictions

Not long ago, I was in your shoes.... Found a good profit making item in a store, only to find you are not able to sell it due to restrictions from Amazon. Frustrating to say the least, at times feeling like giving up.

It does not have to be frustrating. After studying what restrictions Amazon has, why they have them, and the requirements to get unrestricted. I began finding products that would get you unrestricted or ungated without a purchase from a wholesaler or letter of authorization from the brand.

In our course, Getting Past Amazon Restrictions, we walk you through the process of getting ungated as well as provide you with over 100 auto ungating ASINs to get you started on your journey.

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I’m a noobie when it comes to Amazon FBA so this course helped a lot. I have been selling for 1 month with the professional level account and was pleasantly surprised that the majority of the auto approvals worked for me.
Bradley Furr
Got approved in them all. They all worked for me. That was fun. People are going to love this!
Steve Raiken
I spent the last couple hours going through your asin course. It was very thought out and looks great. I tried every asin and other then some sub-categories all the brands worked. I am testing an Amazon seller account that was opened 8 months ago.
Ben Franklin

What's included?

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Welcome to Getting Past Amazon Restrictions
3 mins
Course Expectations
3 mins
Facebook Reseller Support Group
Amazon Restrictions
What is Ungating?
12 mins
How to Ungate
5 mins
Auto-Ungating ASIN's
Brand Auto Ungating ASINs
79.6 KB
Sub-Category Auto Ungating ASINs
69.1 KB
Auto Ungating ASIN Subscription
Brands, Items and Stores to Avoid
Sales Tax Exemptions
Tools and Resources
Cashback Website
Amazon Shipping, Inventory & Accounting Software


I am a new selling account with little to no sales. Can I still use this?

We recommend at least $100 in sales, and over 10 sales, for the best possible ungating experience.
We have found that brand new users might not get ungated as easily as users with at least a few sales.

Will this work if I sell outside of the United States?

If you are a non-US seller, you might find that some ASINs have a reduced auto-approval rate.
Our service has been tested in the US with US sellers. Nonetheless you are welcome to try if you sell outside the US.

I would like to be ungated in one specific category. Can you help?

In our course we provide some options for certain categories to get auto ungated. If you are looking for something outside of this, It will most likely require ungating consulting in addition to finding an authorized distributor that will work with your specific category or brand.

Is Our Journey 2 Freedom affiliated with Amazon?

No. We are in no way, shape, or form associated or affiliated with Amazon or any of its services.

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